Sustainability and CSR

The ASPAM Foundation

Deep-routed values have always been source behind everything we do at Deep Sea Oil & Gas Company. We believe growth comes with added accountability and more importantly, social responsibility.

As part of Corporate Social Responsibility, ASPAM Foundation is our way of giving back to the world. It is our commitment to improve the society we live in and with it, the quality of life.

Shri Babu Jugal Kishore (1885-1967), a freedom fighter and the member of Rajya Sabha from joint states of Punjab, had sown the seeds of ASPAM foundation, way back in early 1900. After graduating in law, he started his career in 1917 as a lawyer in Hissar. Soon he got involved with the nationwide freedom struggle. His efforts were published in various newspapers at that time and he was put behind bars during his fight for freedom.

After the country attained its independence, he continued with reforms against the wrongdoings in the society. He initiated several mass movements, e.g. Bhoodan Movements, Khadi Prachar, Harijan Uplift etc.

In addition to this he also initiated Chiranji Lal Jairamdas Mangaliwala Charitable Trust in Hissar to provide hospitality service to devotees and tourist in Hissar.

Continuing with the family tradition, his vision and work is being carried forward by his grandson Mr. Ashok Goel and Mr. Suresh Gupta, the founder Chairman & Managing Director of Deep Sea Oil & Gas Company respectively.

ASPAM Foundation cares for the needs of society and fills the gap with objective of
“We Care” and brings smiles to faces.