Deep Sea Oil & Gas Company believes that its employees are its fundamental strength. Therefore, the group endeavors to keep its employees charged and motivated. This is keeping in line with the basic philosophy that satisfied employees give satisfactory results and charged employees give superlative results. Deep Sea Oil & Gas Company encourages the exchange of ideas between all levels and departments as it believes that everyone in the organisation is capable of adding value to the group. This approach is a motivating factor and enhances their feeling of being part of the Deep Sea Oil & Gas Company family; and as learning is critical to the success of the business, Deep Sea Oil & Gas Company puts a high value on training and development of its employees at all levels.

Deep Sea Oil & Gas Company now has 2,650 staff globally, all dedicated towards delivering integrated solutions for their clients in the energy sector and creating unique value for stakeholders.

We are hiring new workers in various field; Engineering, Management and Accountants. Interested candidates should forward their resume for job consideration.